Sane but not too sane


It’s dusting day at the Jantz’s. Or should I say, it’s Friday and tomorrow is Saturday. When I worked outside the home, Gary and I would do all the cleaning on Saturday. I HATED IT…… After working all week, I had to clean and do laundry most of every Saturday. Gary would clean the bathroom and do the vacuuming. I would dust and clean the kitchen. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? The problem was, and still is, is that the clutter must be picked up before dusting and vacuuming begins. That usually takes longer than the dusting and vacuuming combined. (But that’s a blog topic for another day.)

Back to the present. Now that I’m a ‘stay at home daughter’, (My father lives with us), and Gary is the only one working outside the home, I’m in charge of all the cleaning, laundry, and cooking. So I plan my housework to get it done BEFORE the weekend. I’ll do laundry on Saturday, if need be, but nothing else.

I like to take knitting classes, go to the coffee shop and read, and finish up my lesson for Monday Bible study on the weekends. I don’t want to clean.

The truth is I don’t mind cleaning the kitchen or even the bathrooms. I enjoy the exercise I get from vacuuming the entire house. BUT I HATE TO DUST!!!!!  I do dust every week. But it always comes back. Why bother???

I had an idea that I shared with my dad. What if I didn’t dust a thing until someone noticed and said something. Maybe no one would. Maybe they would be too embarrassed to say anything. Maybe it really doesn’t matter. I wish that were true. My dear sweet husband might not notice the first week, but I can almost bet he would notice the next. Just when I think I’ve done a half-way decent job of doing the hated chore, he finds something that I missed.

It’s not really his fault. You see, he is a detail man. His job the past 20+ years has been to work with the budget of the Newton School System. His brain just works that way. The problem is that mine does not.

Since being home with my dad these past 9 months, I’ve decided to divide and conquer. It doesn’t matter which day I do my chores, I just don’t do them on the weekend, or on my Bible Study day, or on my learning to crochet day, or on my………….. I never do more than one or two tasks in a given morning or afternoon. I clean the bathrooms in the morning and maybe the kitchen in the afternoon. Same with the dusting and vacuuming. If I’m really bummed out about it, I’ll pause and practice piano and then resume my dreaded dusting. Sometimes I’ll fire up my computer and listen to my faves on I-tunes. I just carry it with me from room to room.

But the rule I try never to break is this: Get it Done BEFORE the Weekend. This was Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday. The work had to be done by the end of the day. I have my sock knitting class tomorrow. I dusted this morning, had lunch with my husband, came home and finished vacuuming before Jeopardy.


By the way, my dusting chores do not include my husband’s ball caps. He doesn’t seem to mind. He’s never says a word about them. If he does, I’ll delegate that job to him.


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