Sane but not too sane


Is it really a word? The internet defines GUNK as: SLANG for any oily, viscous, a thick, messy substance.

When I use it in a sentence, it goes something like this:’I just feel gunky’. Not too different than I feel right now: I’m not too sick, I just feel gunky. I’m coughing; my sinuses feel full; my eustachian tubes are clogged; my throat is scratchy; my whole body is beginning to ache.

It always gets worse at night: the cough; the throat; the cloggy nose. I guess it’s time for an early night and a Tylonal.

It seems that during the day there are so many things to keep my mind off how I feel but when the sun goes down, my body goes downhill too.

So I guess it’s time for me to take some time and just rest. The weather is supposed to be cold, snowy, and icy. Maybe the weather man will be right tomorrow and I will have a good excuse to stay home and rest.

If not, maybe I’ll stay home anyway. It just depends on how GUNKY I feel.


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