Sane but not too sane

Ohio and Beyond Part 2

By Saturday morning, Jonah was back to normal and I hadn’t been out of the house since I arrived. Off and on during the week, I had been knitting a scarf for a little girl at the school where I volunteer. Jen said that Jonah had been using his father’s scarf when sledding. So I asked Jonah if he would like to go on a little trip to find yarn for a scarf. I told him he could pick the yarn and I would knit the scarf. On the way the local yarn shop, we talked about the last time I took Jonah to a yarn shop. He was no older than 2 and thoroughly enjoyed tossing the beautiful yarn on the floor. We talked about looking at the yarn and even touching it, but no tossing. It was a great excursion. He wanted a red rainbow scarf. I found some variegated yarn but it was more brown than red. Jen always says;”Brown goes with everything!” But it wasn’t quite what Jonah was looking for. We kept looking. “I found it, Debbe” yells Jonah. And he had. Red yarn with rainbow specks. He loved it. I loved that he loved it. We found a pretty blue with the same rainbow specks so Jonah could have his striped rainbow scarf. The shop owner said that it was a great yarn and Jonah had made a great choice. SUCCESS…..

Sunday we woke up to a 54 degree house. The heater was obviously not working. We all dressed in our warmest clothes, me with a scarf around my neck, and waited for the repairman. He arrived mid-morning and the heat was back to normal by mid-afternoon. Jen and Jonah left for Cleveland to retrieve John and Gabriel and I played outside. After Little G’s nap, all were home just in time for a late afternoon snow.

Jonah decided to climb a very tall evergreen and Jen and I went out for a few hours of one on one time.(Mexican food and then Starbucks) By midnight, Canton was under a weather advisory.

It snowed quite a bit but not enough for me not to head home. All flights were on time, and I was greeted by my dear husband and father and treated to a dinner of Lobster at where else but Red Lobster. Do you think they missed me?

What a week! What a trip! It took me until today to get back into my routine. I needed to catch up so I did laundry; cleaned two bathrooms & the kitchen; dusted & vacuumed the whole house and mopped the kitchen floor.

But the best part of my today was having a coffee date with Charlotte. We went to Norms, had iced chai and a cherry turnover and played “Too Many Monkeys” and “Zingo”. Next week Bailey is coming over for a few days. Can’t wait for some more GRANDMA TIME…..

All in all, I was happy to be with Jen and the boys in Ohio. I get to see them so seldom compared with the other grandkiddos. But it’s also great to be home.

I’m tired….. But it’s a good tired.


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