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Ohio and Beyond Part 2

By Saturday morning, Jonah was back to normal and I hadn’t been out of the house since I arrived. Off and on during the week, I had been knitting a scarf for a little girl at the school where I volunteer. Jen said that Jonah had been using his father’s scarf when sledding. So I asked Jonah if he would like to go on a little trip to find yarn for a scarf. I told him he could pick the yarn and I would knit the scarf. On the way the local yarn shop, we talked about the last time I took Jonah to a yarn shop. He was no older than 2 and thoroughly enjoyed tossing the beautiful yarn on the floor. We talked about looking at the yarn and even touching it, but no tossing. It was a great excursion. He wanted a red rainbow scarf. I found some variegated yarn but it was more brown than red. Jen always says;”Brown goes with everything!” But it wasn’t quite what Jonah was looking for. We kept looking. “I found it, Debbe” yells Jonah. And he had. Red yarn with rainbow specks. He loved it. I loved that he loved it. We found a pretty blue with the same rainbow specks so Jonah could have his striped rainbow scarf. The shop owner said that it was a great yarn and Jonah had made a great choice. SUCCESS…..

Sunday we woke up to a 54 degree house. The heater was obviously not working. We all dressed in our warmest clothes, me with a scarf around my neck, and waited for the repairman. He arrived mid-morning and the heat was back to normal by mid-afternoon. Jen and Jonah left for Cleveland to retrieve John and Gabriel and I played outside. After Little G’s nap, all were home just in time for a late afternoon snow.

Jonah decided to climb a very tall evergreen and Jen and I went out for a few hours of one on one time.(Mexican food and then Starbucks) By midnight, Canton was under a weather advisory.

It snowed quite a bit but not enough for me not to head home. All flights were on time, and I was greeted by my dear husband and father and treated to a dinner of Lobster at where else but Red Lobster. Do you think they missed me?

What a week! What a trip! It took me until today to get back into my routine. I needed to catch up so I did laundry; cleaned two bathrooms & the kitchen; dusted & vacuumed the whole house and mopped the kitchen floor.

But the best part of my today was having a coffee date with Charlotte. We went to Norms, had iced chai and a cherry turnover and played “Too Many Monkeys” and “Zingo”. Next week Bailey is coming over for a few days. Can’t wait for some more GRANDMA TIME…..

All in all, I was happy to be with Jen and the boys in Ohio. I get to see them so seldom compared with the other grandkiddos. But it’s also great to be home.

I’m tired….. But it’s a good tired.



My hands were frozen on the wheel in the 10 and 2 position. My body was tense. My head was throbbing. It was raining. NO it was pouring. NO it was a deluge and it wasn’t letting up.

What would make me drive to Wichita on a day like today? There were so many trucks on the interstate that I hardly could see the road when passing one. Again, why drive on a day like today?

One Word: GRANDCHILDREN!!   Gary had surgery a few weeks ago and we have been pretty much homebound. I needed a Bailey and Molly fix. I’ve been able to see more of Charlotte and Isaiah because they live here in Newton.  Skype is a wonderful tool to keep in contact with Jonah and Gabriel along with Jen’s blog.  (I can’t make it Ohio as often as I would like.)

Let’s get back to the weather for just a minute. It’s been so warm and dry the past few weeks. But last night it started to rain. There was lightning and thunder and even hail. Gary went out to check the gutters in the middle of the night. When he returned, he woke me to tell me that the ground was completely covered with pea sized hail. Cammy’s rain gauge registered 3+ inches.

When I walked the dog today at noon, it took awhile. Dottie doesn’t like water. She was more worried about dodging puddles than peeing. Of course it was pouring and we both got soaked.

But a little, no I mean, a lot of rain does not keep this grandmother away from her grandchildren.  When I returned home, Charlotte and Isaiah were waiting for me along with pizza and chocolate chip cookies.

ONE WORD: LOVE !!!!! That’s what family is all about.

P.S. I did not take the rain picture while driving. I was stopped at a red light.

One Lady ? Two Gents!!

For the first time in 37+ years, I’m outnumbered. There are two females and two males in this household but one of the gals is a hound.  Not only am I outnumbered, I’m living with two men who are about as opposite as hamburgers and hot dogs; pickles and ice cream; steak and eggs; lemons and sausage; cool whip and olives. Can you tell that I’m on a diet?

To get back on topic….”Things, they are a changin”!

Gary and I raised three daughters. We lived with Gary’s dad on the farm for 20+ years. The girls outnumbered the guys at a 4 to 2 ratio for much of our married life. Then it was just Gary and I. But now it’s different.

One falls asleep while watching TV; the other strikes up a conversation during the climax of a movie (I’m glad we have DVR); one speaks only when spoken to; the other enjoys telling stories; one eats to live, the other loves to eat. I think you get the picture.

What it boils down to is this. I’m living with my opposite and I’m living with me. Does that make sense? Dad and I so much alike; Gary and I are so different. And Dottie, the queen bee, is just Dottie.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this. Don’t get too accustomed to your life the way it is. Trust me, it will change. Change is not bad, it’s just different. It can be easy for some but for me right now, it just isn’t.

I’ve been adjusting to many changes in the past 9 months: living with two men; not working outside the home; realizing my body is wearing out;having a man around the house 24/7 and in 5 months having two men around 24/7. What to do? What to do?

Live with it and enjoy the challenge or complain and be unhappy.

Two Gents, One Lady….. OUTNUMBERED!!!!!

I’m stepping up to the challenge!!!


Queen and Worker Bee

We were relaxing before getting out of bed yesterday morning. Dottie, our rescue dog, wanted to join us in our king sized bed. As she laid beside me, Dottie kept nudging herself closer and closer to the middle of the bed.

“Who does she think she is?” I asked my dear husband. “She’s the queen.” he said. “Who am I, then?” I ask. “The worker bee.” he said.

WOW!!!  Our dog is a queen and I’m a worker bee. I guess it’s not far from the truth. One of the meanings of the name Deborah is bee. And even if I’m not working outside the home, I am working; volunteering at church and one of the local elementary schools not to mention taking care of my father here at home.

I like this kind of work. I feel less stressed and more rested. I’m still working. It’s just a different type of work. There is more laundry, more cleaning, more cooking, more walking the queen, more errands to run. I think you get the picture. It’s more physical work and I love it.

I thought I would miss my job as a speech/language pathologist but I really don’t. I loved working with the kiddos but the paperwork was just out of control. I miss the kids and many of the people I worked with but not the late nights I spent writing reports; lesson plans; filling out forms: paperwork. I guess I was a worker bee there too.

This worker bee enjoys being home with her husband and father. This worker bee likes  having time to: study my Bible more; spending more time with my grandkids; reading more; knitting more; volunteering more.

Worker Bee: Not a bad bee to be…….