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One Year—-So Much Change

Think Back. A year ago, where did you think you would be today? What did you think you would be doing at the end of 2011? I have to say that God’s Plans were not my plans.

One year ago, I wasn’t planning on retiring early. I didn’t anticipate my father living with us. I never dreamed that Gary would become the interim superintendent of schools in Newton.

God’s Plans might not have been my plans. Change isn’t always easy but it can be a blessing if we sit back and enjoy God’s plans for us.

After a year-long illness, dad had major surgery and then moved in with us in late April. About the same time, Gary decided that it was time to retire. However, the superintendent of Newton resigned and he was asked to become the interim superintendent for one year. With so much change, I decided it was time to retire early to support Gary in his new position and take care of dad.

Change—It happens. Be ready for it. But enough about us for now. Let me get you caught up with the rest of our family.

Jennifer, John, Jonah, and Gabriel are in their 2nd year in Canton, OH. John is an English professor at Malone University. Jennifer is a busy mom who needs a lot of energy to keep up with their two sons. She continues to work part-time for Eighth Day Books in Wichita. Our oldest grandchild, Jonah, is now in kindergarten. Gabriel will be two in January and loves playing outside with his brother and enjoys reading books and playing gucks {trucks) with Papa Gary.

Cammy, Joey, Bailey, and Molly enjoy their busy lives in Wichita. Cammy is now working with Joey three days a week. Bailey started playing soccer this year. I got to see her score two goals. Molly enjoys spending time with Papa George, eating his french fries and reading books with him.

Beth, Brandon, Charlotte, and Isaiah moved to Newton this year. They live across town and are coming to our church. Brandon continues as an aerospace engineer consultant. Beth has been helping her in-laws with her interior design skills after the Joplin tornado. Two of their three banks were damaged.

Beth, Cammy and their kiddos spend time together at least two times a month eating lunch and playing together. Charlotte and Bailey both attend preschool. They also go to AWANA at their own churches on Wednesday nights. Molly loves her Thumper (the rabbit in “Bambi”) and Isaiah enjoys his and Papa Gary’s vroom vrooms (trucks and tractors).

I’ve spent the past 6 months adjusting to two men living in the house, volunteering at church, mentoring a 1st grader, doing more laundry, reading, honing my yarning skills (as Jonah calls it), and last but not least spending more time with our grandchildren.

Gary loves spending his limited extra time with the grandkids and watching baseball, football and basketball, especially K-State.

As we enter 2012, expect change. God has plans for all of us, plans for our good and not for our harm. Jeremiah 29:11 says:”For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” We pray that God’s Plans for you the next year will be anticipated with joy.

Gary and Debbe

P.S. I’m hoping to begin blogging on a more consistent basis. Come join me on this new journey, if you are so inclined.

P.S. P.S. One of our unexpected surprises that we are looking forward to will be new grandbaby. The Buerge’s are expecting a new member of their family in Mid-May.